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We value the partnership with our partners very much. A win-win outcome is what we are looking for and working for, together with you. Whether you are software affiliate, reseller, retailer, or blog writer, or personal website owner, there is an easy way to help us promote our products and earn high commissions in return.

Join Our Affiliate Program Now

Anyone who owns a website, webpage, or blog can join our affiliate network. This Affiliate Program is managed by RegNow, the most reliable software registration and order-taking company, and leader in software affiliate programs.

You can start affiliate our products by registering in the RegNow affiliate system. If you have not joined RegNow affiliate system yet, please feel free to sign up. After completing the on-line sign-up form, you will receive affiliate ID via email.
Below is our RegNow vendor info:
Company Name: Anvsoft Inc.
RegNow ID: 8144, 11988

We offer a basic 30% commission to all affiliates which can also be adjusted according to the actual sales, up to 50% or more. Meanwhile, we will always run various activities to help you earn more.

All new affiliates are automatically approved. Joining is free and getting started is simple, RegNow provides a safe and effective on-line purchasing solution. Join us to make money now!

Custom Build

All our products have custom trial versions that allow users to download and try. Custom builds contains affiliate ID embedded in all URLs within our products. While the customers are running our products, if they press the "Buy Now" button, it will take them to the ordering page with your affiliate ID.

How to do a custom build?

Download products at our site first, and then rename them. For example, suppose that your affiliate ID is 12345, and you want to build custom version of Photo DVD Maker Professional. Please first download Photo DVD Maker Professional, then rename photo-DVD-maker.exe as photo-DVD-maker_a12345.exe. Then your custom version is generated and you can upload it to your server.

Products List

For your convenience and for those short on time, here are product files with price and download URL!

Product Regnow ID Price Basic Commission Download
Photo DVD Maker Professional 8144-5 $49.95 30% Free Trial
AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Platinum 8144-20 $59.95 30% Free Trial
Any DVD Converter Pro. 11988-5 $39.95 30% Free Trial
Any DVD Cloner Platinum (Windows) 11988-6 $49.95 30% Free Trial
Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac 11988-7 $49.95 30% Free Trial
Any Video Converter Ultimate (Windows) 11988-10 $44.90 30% Free Trial
Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac 11988-12 $49.95 30% Free Trial
NoteBurner Audio Converter 11988-3 $34.95 30% Free Trial


Promoting AnvSoft Products

We provide standard product description and promotion graphics, news letter & updates notification. We also take care of all customer services.

  • Great multimedia software that are nice to use and easy to sell
  • Competitive products already have large market potential
  • More flexible commission fee up to 50% or more is negotiable
  • Custom program builds and order links. No sale leakage

Safe Payments

RegNow pays quickly and directly to you. Affiliates are paid monthly to help your cash flow. Simply sign up for ACH payment type and when your account reaches $100, RegNow will send you your money!
Need your funds in an alternate way? The Visa Electron Card payment option enables you to access your cash from virtually any ATM machine, worldwide!
Certification by RegNow ensures you receive proper credit for driving a sale. Leakage... As an affiliate, you know the true costs to your business when you don't receive fair payment for the sales you have driven. The Certification Program on the RegNow commerce platform is one step closer to reducing leakage.

Dynamic Reporting Keeps you Informed

RegNow reporting is among the industry's best, both in terms of the number of reports available as well as the data itself. Here's just a simple list of possible reports you can run, anytime you wish: Products Sold Summary, Affiliate Traffic Summary, Order Summary, Referrer, HTTP Referrer, Geographical, and many more.

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